Air Refueling Operator

CPS Air Refueling Operator’s (ARO’s) are aircrew members aboard the company KC-135R tanker aircraft.


Knowledge is mandatory of: electrical and mechanical principles applying to aircraft and related systems; flight theory; aircraft electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems applying to in-flight refueling system; normal and emergency operation of aircraft refueling systems; flying directives; weight and balance factors; cargo tie-down techniques; minor in-flight maintenance; using personal equipment and oxygen; communication and aircraft emergency procedures; and using and interpreting diagrams, loading charts, technical publications, and flight manuals.


  • Performs Pre-flight, through-flight, and post-flight inspections, checklists and documentation[J3] .
  • Computes aircraft weight and balance data.
  • Directs cargo loading and unloading operations.
  • Supervises the safe transport of passengers. 
  • Safely and effectively transfers fuel from MSM tanker aircraft (MPRS, BDA, Boom) to contracted receiver aircraft during flight.
  • Performs Operational checks of Air Refueling equipment (to include onboard camera/recording systems).
  • Maintains Situational Awareness (SA) and uses Crew Resource Management (CRM) throughout all phases of flight.
  • Adheres to company Flight Operation Procedures (FOP’s), Ground Operation Procedures (GOP’s) and Safety Notices.
  • Maintains all required currencies, qualifications and advanced systems knowledge as related to the CPS/MSM KC-135 tanker fleet.
  • Performs Scheduling duties when required.
  • Performs publication administration when required.


  • Minimum 10 years of experience as a KC-135 Boom Operator
  • Minimum of 2000 total hours
  • Minimum of 300 IB/EB hours
  • Must possess a current AF2992 or civilian Flying Class 2 physical


This is a full time position

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