EHS Program Description:

Our Early Head Start offers comprehensive child development and family support services to low-income and underserved populations including expecting mothers, infants, toddlers and their families. In center-based as well as home-based settings we promote infant and toddler health & development, foster positive family relationships and supports parents as the primary decision makers and nurturers of their children.  Tools and learning strategies are employed to enable the children to enter school ready to succeed.

Home-Based Coordinator

Brief Position Description:
The EHS Home Based Coordinator serves to provide daily support and oversight to home-based teachers working with 10-12 families each (including expectant mothers) to support the optimal development of infants and toddlers within their families. The home-based supervisor will guide and monitor the team of home-based teachers to implement the Parents as Teachers curriculum and supplemental resources as designated for children from 0 to 36 months and will strive to achieve positive outcomes for families, while working in compliance with Head Start Performance Standards and Sunrise Children’s Foundation Policies and Procedures.
Essential Job Functions (including but not limited to):
The EHS Home-Based Coordinator’s responsibilities chiefly fall within the following core functions, although s/he may perform other tasks as needed:

    • Recruit those most in need of home-based Early Head Start services, including previously underserved populations from a defined recruitment area.
    • Determine the eligibility of children, ensuring that no more than 10% come from families whose income exceeds the federal poverty guideline.
    • Ensure that at least 10% of children served have an identified disability.
    • Select children and families based on enrollment criteria and maintain a waiting list of eligible children to enroll in the event of attrition.
    • Assign children to program options (center-based or home-based) that best meet the needs of their families.
    • Maintain the funded enrollment level, fill vacancies as they occur, and analyze enrollment data to inform the planning process.
    • Analyze and respond to the causes of cancellations when families fail to participate in home visits or socializations.
    • Plan and facilitate parent orientations/transitions to and from the program.
  • Planning
    • Ensure the weekly curriculum and staff implementation including goals for children’s development and learning; the experiences through which children will achieve these goals;  what staff and parents can do to help children achieve these goals; and the materials needed to support the implementation of the curriculum towards achieving the stated goals
    • Responsible for monitoring staff preparation of lesson plans made in collaboration with parents and discusses rationale for the plan in relation to child’s development
    • Ensures that individualized plans are developed for each child based on objectives and activities to meet established child outcomes
    • Ensures that staff follows Parents as Teachers and other curriculum activities providing developmentally appropriate experiences to age, language and culture of children served
    • Implements experiential, age-appropriate learning activities advancing the intellectual and emotional competence of infants and toddlers
    • Supports staff to encourage a home environment in which children develop age-appropriate cognitive and social skills using increasingly complex language and problem solving abilities
    • Ensures that staff implements developmental screenings, ongoing assessments and individualized lesson plans in response to children’s needs and interests incorporating observations, anecdotal record keeping, and knowledge of early childhood development 
    • Integrate Individual Family Service Plans (IFSPs) for children with disabilities.
    • Provide participants with a consistent weekly routine
    • Oversee the planning and implementation of all socialization activities for families and children.
    • Ensure meetings and one-on-one interactions are respectful of each family’s diversity and cultural background
    • Invite parent involvement in the development of the program’s curriculum and approach to child development and education
    • Establish positive, productive relationships with families focusing on a relationship of trust and rapport
    • Participate in ongoing parent trainings
    • Identify and refer parents wanting to volunteer in the classroom, work as substitutes or in other volunteer activities to education coordinator
    • Work with staff throughout the year to identify family goals, strengths, and necessary services and supports, and to describe progress in achieving family goals
    • Work with staff to identify and access services and resources responsive to their family’s interests and goals and follow-up with them to ensure that referrals meet expectations and circumstances.
    • Work to assist expectant mothers in accessing comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care.
    • Ensure parents have opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge in the following areas: Knowledge of child growth and development, the program’s curriculum, the child observation and assessment process, and parenting skills; Prevention of child abuse and neglect; Family literacy; Medical, dental, nutrition, and mental health (encouraging parents to become partners in their child’s health care process and learn the principle of preventative health and safety); Community advocacy; Transition activities; and Prenatal education on fetal development, labor and delivery, and postpartum recovery, as needed
    • Ensure that staff provides a family needs assessment that includes consultation with parents about the benefits of parent involvement and about the activities in which parents may choose to participate.
    • Coordinate or refer families to opportunities for continuing education, employment training and other services through formal or informal networking in the community.
    • Assist staff to arrange for education and other appropriate intervention including opportunities for families to participate in counseling or to receive information on mental health, substance abuse, child abuse and neglect and domestic violence, including crisis intervention, if needed.
    • Support the transitions of families into and out of Early Head Start
    • Promote the access of children, families, and expecting mothers to community services that are responsive to their needs
    • Coordinate services for children with disabilities and their families with community agencies.
    • Encourage volunteers to participate in the Early Head Start program
    • Act as a family development specialist and work cooperatively with local agencies to assist families to link-up with services in the local community
    • Develop a working knowledge of community resources; collaborate with family advocates and EHS staff to conduct updates of Community Resource Guide
    • Participate in tri-annual community assessment and annual updates
    • Monitor and assist with developmental screenings of all Early Head Start children, if needed
    • Direct developmental concerns to appropriate specialist
    • Record, monitor and follow up on referrals for support services for reporting requirements
    • Participates in required professional development activities to enhance skills
    • Work flexible hours to meet the needs of the program and its families
    • Provide crisis intervention for families as needed
    • Perform data entry functions as necessary to keep files up-to-date.
    • Daily monitoring of all staff work/time activity through daily records, documentation and observation
    • Ensure documentation of efforts to assist families in identifying their strengths, needs and sufficiency goals through completion of Family Needs Assessment, Family Partnership Agreement, and case notes.
    • Gather and maintain child and family data for documentation, on-going assessment, evaluation and recording keeping for successful individual and program planning
    • Document efforts to support parents in establishing strong community ties, such as finding a “medical home”
    • Produce reports as required on child and family progress
    • Request supplies as needed and participate in program inventory as requested
    • Understand, generate and document in-kind contributions and other allowable costs applied toward the non-federal share requirement
    • Ensure regular health checks for children participating in home-based option
    • Assess children on an on-going basis; gather and organize staff notes into the key developmental areas and document in ChildPlus.
    • Analyze child outcomes for children participating in home-based option at least twice yearly, consult with Education/Disabilities Manager and make adjustments to curriculum planning and implementation as needed.
    • Assign and review work of staff. Instruct and train staff’ and work effectively with staff from a variety of backgrounds and with differing levels/areas of training and experience. Model best practice within the service area
    • Devise work methods and procedures that support improvements in existing work practices; supporting the staff in developing and setting goals, priorities and timelines
    • Meet regularly with the staff you supervise to monitor and provide on-going verbal and written feedback, consistent with performance improvement, and adherence to Head Start performance standards, SCF policies/procedures, as well as to plan and direct work
    • Plan and adjust work operations to meet changing or emergent program requirements within available resources and with minimum sacrifice to quantity or quality of work
Job Requirements:
  • Education & Experience
    • Minimum of 3 years community-based, family services experience is required
    • Must have a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent
    • Associates Degree or higher in Human Services, Early Childhood Education or related field preferred (Related Field as defined by EHS guidelines)
    • Previous supervisory experience, managing two or more people is helpful
  • Knowledge & Skills
    • Must demonstrate organizational and management practices as applied to the analysis and evaluation of programs, policies, and operational needs.
    • Must follow and uphold the principles, philosophy, and practices of Early Head Start.
    • Must demonstrate principles of supervision, training, and performance evaluation.
    • Must obtain CPR and First Aid certification within 90 days of hire date and maintain certification throughout duration of employment
    • Must have a valid Nevada Driver License
    • Must be approved by SCF insurer to be added to corporate auto insurance policy
    • Must possess ability to read, analyze, and interpret policies, materials, and other documents
    • Must be able to communicate clearly and using correct grammar both verbally and in writing using English
    • Must be organized, display strong time management abilities and demonstrate an attention to detail to effectively meet client and program needs.
    • Must understand and use the intermediate functions of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, & Excel), internet applications and other software to effectively access resources and complete required tasks.
    • Listen intently and ask questions to ensure full understanding
    • Must be available to work a flexible schedule in order to fulfil job functions and program responsibilities
    • Must interact sensitively, effectively and professionally with persons from diverse cultural, economic, racial, ethnic and professional backgrounds; and persons of all ages and lifestyle preferences especially parents of children in SCF’s programs.
    • Must maintain a positive, open an objective attitude towards others
    • Must demonstrate ability to work in a team environment and work independently with limited direction from supervisor
    • Must properly utilize knowledge of policies and procedures mandated by EHS Program and SCF is required
    • Bilingual (Spanish/English)  is a plus
  • Physical Demands
    • Must be able to lift 40 pounds with or without material handling equipment
    • Must submit and pass a criminal background check
    • Must submit negative TB results (One Step TB or Chest X-ray) prior to hire date and every 2 years employed
    • Must submit physical exam prior to hire date and every 5 years employed
    • Must have dexterity of hands and fingers to operate computer keyboard and other stand office equipment
    • Must be able to work for long periods of time while maintaining concentrated attention to detail.
    • Must be able to sit a table or desk for long periods of time with occasional standing, walking, squatting or reaching. 
    • Must be able to see to read a variety of materials, printed or virtual
    • Must be able to hear and speak to exchange information in face to face conversation; virtual meeting space or via telephone
    • Must be able to drive a vehicle to conduct work off-site as needed
    • Must be able to travel by car, bus, airplane or train from site to site as needed

Department: Program Management
This is a management position
This is a full time position

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