EHS Program Description:

Our Early Head Start offers comprehensive child development and family support services to low-income and under-served populations including expecting mothers, infants, toddlers and their families. In center-based as well as home-based settings we promote infant and toddler health & development, foster positive family relationships and supports parents as the primary decision makers and nurturers of their children.  Tools and learning strategies are employed to enable the children to enter school ready to succeed.

Health & Nutrition Services Coordinator

Position Description:

This position serves as a Health & Nutrition Services Coordinator for the Early Head Start program. Under the direction of the Health Services Manager, the Health & Nutrition Services Coordinator is to assist in the planning and coordination of the health services program and related activities for the Early Head Start program; to assist in the coordination of assigned activities with other Early Head Start service areas and with outside agencies; and to provide highly responsible and complex administrative support to the Sunrise Children’s Foundation Early Head Start Program (SCF-EHS).   He or she may also represent the SCF/EHS Health Services Manager in his or her absence.

The SCF-EHS Health & Nutrition Services Coordinator may also provide administrative support to the SCF/EHS Program Director/Family Support Services and/or the SCF Educational Services including: assisting with program planning, research, communications and record-keeping.  

Essential Job Functions (including but not limited to):​

  • Assist with management responsibility for all health, safety, dental and nutritional health services and activities of the Early Head Start program. 
  • Participate in the training of appropriate staff relative to child/family health, safety, dental and nutritional health needs/required services.
  • Assist with providing support to other appropriate staff that is responsible for supporting the health and nutrition needs of enrolled children and families, including providing support to Early Head Start health/nutrition program consultants. Furthermore, the Nutrition coordinator is to assist with the implementation of all related contractual agreements and MOUs with partner agencies and organizations. 
  • Assist with the writing of the health, safety and nutrition services plans for Early Head Start in consultation with managers and staff, parents and community health care providers.
  • Assist with the review and evaluation of health, safety and nutrition service plans and make recommendations for corrective action, as needed. 
  • When appropriate, serve as a liaison in the community for the SCF-EHS program by providing health related services and support to low-income families.
  • Assist with the development of community partnerships to ensure the requisite support and services for Early Head Start children and families, and to ensure that each enrolled infant/child and pregnant woman has a medical home. 
  • Assist with the development and implementation of a process of on-going monitoring, including regular site visits to ensure that each enrolled infant, toddler and child receives required health and dental examinations, and nutrition and sensory screenings as required by Performance Standards;  that all identified concerns receive appropriate follow-up and a resolution; that each enrolled pregnant woman receives health services and information required by the Head Start Performance Standards, and a visit by a health professional within two weeks of delivery and/or referrals to services, as needed.  
  • Assist with the provision of health care services in accordance with SCF-EHS policies and procedures. This includes assuming primary responsibility for the timely compilation and accurate inputting and reporting of required health services data in order to ensure compliance with pertinent legislation/laws and the Head Start Performance Standards and analyzing data for evaluative, planning and improvement of services purposes. The Health & Nutrition Services Coordinator is to assist with ensuring SCF/EHS’ compliance with pertinent legislation, regulations, and laws; and in ensuring timely and accurate reporting of data to Federal and State authorities. 
  • Work in conjunction with tother appropriate staff to establish and maintain a functional Health Services Advisory Committee that includes EHS parents, pediatric health care providers, dental care providers, nutrition service providers, mental health service providers, and other professionals who work with infants/toddlers/children with disabilities. 
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships with local community agencies, staff and parents as well as a positive public profile.
  • Demonstrate leadership sensibilities that are indicative of understanding the many strengths/needs of the diverse population served.
  • Participate in a variety of meetings, activities, and events to support SCF-EHS and its partners; attend and participate in professional group meetings and training sessions. 
  • Assist with the development and implementation of a training plan in order to ensure that all SCF-EHS staff acquire the necessary skills needed to implement parent and child health, nutrition and safety curriculum, identify health related concerns, implement family and child health care plans, as needed, assist parents in the development of family health goals/objectives and work with families in developing strategies to meet their goals. Additionally, the Health & Nutrition Services Coordinator is to assist in the arrangement of parent and staff training and the provision of consultation and health education services for parents of children with health care needs.  
  • The Health & Nutrition Services Coordinator is to assist other appropriate staff in ensuring parent participation in health services programs and activities by encouraging parents to be present for all health and dental screenings and procedures and by informing parents, immediately, of the results of such screenings and assessments, including providing parents with education and training in first-aid, nutrition, and a wide variety of health related topics.  
  • When appropriate, the Health & Nutrition Services Coordinator is to assist with the development of the Early Head Start budget by establishing priority expenditures and maintaining records of costs, including assisting in the review and monitoring of financial transactions and the health service budget to ensure efficient operation and to ensure that expenditures remain within budget limitations and assisting with the preparation of specifications for all health service equipment and supplies; ordering and overseeing the distribution of equipment and supplies. 
  • Meet regularly with the Health Services Manager, Assistant Director Family Services/Educational Services, managers, and other staff as needed. As appropriate, schedule and/or attend case conferences, parent conferences, case reviews, IEP/IFSP meetings, staff meetings, parent meetings, in-service and pre-service meeting and other designated meetings.
  • Occasionally overnight travel out of state to attend conferences or training
  • Frequent travel by car to sites around the Las Vegas Valley, Boulder City and/or Pahrump, NV
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by direct manager, Program Director or Administration 

Job Requirements:

  • Requirements:
    • Education & Experience
      • Bachelor's or higher in Nutrition
      • Minimum 2 years’ experience in program management and health related services preferred
      • Minimum 2 years supervisory experience, managing two or more people desired  
    • Knowledge & Skills
      • Must demonstrate organizational and management practices as applied to the analysis and evaluation of programs, policies, and operational needs.
      • Must follow and uphold the principles, philosophy, and practices of Early Head Start.
      • Must be knowledgeable of health, safety and nutrition, as related to infants, toddlers, young children and pregnant women.
      • Must demonstrate principles of supervision, training, and performance evaluation.
      • Must obtain Sheriff's Card (Child Care) prior to hire date and maintain thru entire duration of employment in order to be able to access our EHS Classrooms.
      • Must obtain CPR and First Aid certification within 90 days of hire date and maintain certification throughout duration of employment
      • Must have a valid Nevada Driver License
      • Must be approved by SCF insurer to be added to corporate auto insurance policy
      • Must possess ability to read, analyze, and interpret policies, materials, and other documents
      • Must be able to prepare clear and concise administrative reports
      • Must be able to communicate clearly and using correct grammar both verbally and in writing using English
      • Must be organized, display strong time management abilities and demonstrate an attention to detail to effectively meet client and program needs.
      • Must understand and use the intermediate functions of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, & Excel), internet applications and other software to effectively access resources and complete required tasks.
      • Listen intently and ask questions to ensure full understanding
      • Must be available to work a flexible schedule in order to fulfill job functions and program responsibilities
      • Must interact sensitively, effectively and professionally with persons from diverse cultural, economic, racial, ethnic and professional backgrounds; and persons of all ages and lifestyle preferences especially parents of children in SCF’s programs.
      • Must maintain a positive, open an objective attitude towards others
      • Must demonstrate ability to work in a team environment and work independently with limited direction from supervisor
      • Must properly utilize knowledge of policies and procedures mandated by EHS Program and SCF is required
    • Physical Demands
      • Standard office environment with extended periods of sitting or standing
      • Must be able to lift 40 pounds with or without material handling equipment
      • Must submit and pass a criminal background check
      • Must submit negative TB results (One Step TB or Chest X-ray) prior to hire date and every 2 years employed
      • Must submit physical exam prior to hire date and every 5 years employed
      • Must obtain CPR/First Aid Certification for Infants/Child/Adult within 90 calendars of hire date and maintain certification thru duration of employment
      • Must have dexterity of hands and fingers to operate computer keyboard and other stand office equipment
      • Ability to travel by car, train, airline or other transportation methods to conduct daily responsibilities or attend meetings
  • Preferences:
    • Registered Dietitian is highly preferred

Department: Program Management
This is a non-management position
This is a full time position

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