Valley Catholic Elementary School is searching for a part-time school counselor working 20 hours a week.  Our proposed work schedule is Monday-Friday, 11:30 to 3:30 with the exception of Tuesday where the school day will run until 4:15pm.  The primary focus of this role is to work with students on peer relationships and supporting teachers in social-emotional and behavioral strategies to use in the classroom.  

The Elementary School Counselor is dedicated to providing personal counseling for students and student groups, as well as:
  1. Communicating with parents about student concerns.
  2. Being available for students’ (and teachers’) individual needs as they arise.
  3. Assisting our students and their families when they require public school or social services.
  4. Participating as an active member of our Student Study Team – helping to brainstorm interventions for students needing extra academic or behavioral support.
  5. Collaborating with the learning specialist and parents to put together individual learning plans (ILP’s) and behavior plans.
  6. Organizing small group learning opportunities for students with common needs who would benefit from extra instruction/reinforcement. 
  7. Supporting classroom teachers in the planning and instructional delivery of lessons and activities in personal safety, social skills, and bullying prevention programs, such as Child Protection Unit, “Second Step”, and Steps to Respect.”
  8. Teaching monthly lessons from the “Family Life” series to students at each grade level.
  9. Assisting with the planning of our monthly spirit assemblies and Prayer Services, especially when we need to address or reinforce school-wide social skills themes, such as teasing and bullying.
  10. Teaching the initial Called to Protect/CASE in-person training courses for teachers, parents, and other volunteers working with the school’s students
  11. Serving as the lead support person in times of crisis or difficult situations involving members of our school community, or assisting the counselor and faculty, staff, or students at our campus high school should they need additional counseling support.
  12. Knowing and practicing school-wide health, safety, and emergency procedures.
  13. Staying within the counselor's budget parameters.

 Qualifications:  The Counselor will:
  1. have a current, valid Oregon School Counselor license.
  2. at least two years of experience as a school counselor.
  3. demonstrate positive interpersonal relations.
  4. adheres to the ODE teacher vaccination mandate
  5. be committed to Catholic education and Catholic social justice principles.

This is a non-management position
This is a part time position

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