The Parish Business Associate is responsible for managing the temporal goods of St. Bernard Parish (in Wabash, IN) which include church and school as well as St. Patrick’s Oratory. The Business Associate conducts the business of the parish in coordination with the Pastor and the Diocesan Business Office. Duties are to be executed with the highest level of integrity and in a fashion consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The Business Associate is an advisory member of the parish finance council and the parish pastoral council. In coordination with the Pastor, the Business Associate enters into agreements for supplies and services needed by the parish and selects or recommends vendors to provide these services based on objective criteria. As well as accurate and timely posting of all parish financial records.

Specific duties of this position include:
 Financial Management and Accounting
    • Proper management of Parish finances including:
      • Preparation of the annual parish budget for approval by the pastor and Finance Council
      • Review and approval of all parish expenditures, and personnel hires
    • Preparation of financial reports for the Pastor and the Finance Council
    • Preparation and support of the bi-annual audit by the Diocese
    • Maintain asset and depreciation records of parish property
    • Ensuring proper accountancy for all parish property with particular attention to cash handling
    • Have an understanding of School Choice Program
Leadership and supervision
    • Parish Human Resource Associate
      • Completes all required Diocesan, and Government administrative personnel reporting.

Account Processing
    • Receives and tracks all invoices for timely payment. 
    • Prepares checks for signature by the pastor.
    • Coordinates with the school administration regarding deposit of receipts and payment of school invoices. (Including tuition and after school care)
    • Reconciles the parish accounts on alternate months

Collection Processing
    • Post contributions to the donation tracking database. Assist in the preparation of annual statements to parishioners.
    • Tracks all Special Collections and submits funds to the Diocese or other entity as appropriate.
    • Coordinate collection counting teams in coordination with the Count Team coordinator.
    • Coordinate compliance with all Diocesan guidelines for the handling of collection and all financial matters of the parish.

Record Keeping
    • Coordinates retention of parish business files in accordance with Diocesan guidelines.
    • Maintains personnel files for parish employees.
    • Provides employment and benefit notifications to the Diocese.
    • Consolidates time reporting records and submits to the Diocese for payroll processing.

    • Tracks fee receipts and disbursements for Weddings and Funerals.

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