The Religious Education Coordinator (REC) of St. Bernard Parish in Wabash, IN serves in the pastoral ministry of the parish, specifically in the catechetical ministry for children in preschool and at the elementary level. The REC serves as a member of the parish staff and is expected to attend staff meetings. Responsibilities include the implementation of a Diocesan compliant curriculum for all children enrolled in the Family Faith Formation program and Preschool. The coordinator will be responsible for the compliance of the Family Faith Program with all Safe Environment directives from the Diocese of Fort Wayne/South Bend.

This position is responsible for the following specific activities:
Religious Education program leadership:
    • Lead Catechesis for Family Formation Program.
    • Providing Catechist manuals and instructional materials.
    • Providing Catechist training to develop proficient teacher of the faith.
    • Consulting the Office of Catechesis at the diocesan level to assure adherence to requirements.
    • Providing spiritual formation of the catechists with diocesan aid.
    • Maintaining accurate attendance records for Grades 1-8 and notification of parents regarding excessive absences.
    • Developing calendars for Sunday Family Faith Formation and Wednesday Adult Formation which are submitted to the pastor and recorded in the parish master calendar.
    • Ensure that all Catechists or other adults involved with the program are vetted through the Safe Environment coordinator.
Sacramental preparation duties as follows:
    • Reach out to parents of all parish children (school, FFP, home schooled) regarding sacramental prep.
    • Conduct parent meetings with Pastor for First Reconciliation - Communion and Confirmation.
    • Collect necessary baptismal records and coordinate the update of sacramental records.
    • Notify children’s parish-of-baptism of child’s Confirmation.

 The design and execution of the parish Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults                (RCIA), including inquiry, catechesis, and liturgical preparation.
    • Interview all Candidates for the RCIA and follow-up
    • Assist in leading the RCIA core team.
      • Planning and conduct of the weekly RCIA sessions with pastor
      • Planning and conduct of the RCIA retreat prior to the Easter Solemnities with pastor
      • Scheduling and planning the participation of the Pastor, and other instructors for the RCIA programs.
    • Coordinate Sponsors for each Candidate.
    • Coordinate and provide oversight of the Rite of Christian initiation for Adults adapted for Children (RCIC).

Administrative and record keeping
    • Verification of any sacramental records (baptism) the children may have received in another Christian faith, and determining if said baptism is accepted by the Catholic Church.
    • Ensuring appropriate parental consent and involvement in this catechesis
    • Schedule sessions and track attendance
    • Ensure that Sacramental Records of the Parish are updated to reflect the sacraments received
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