Technology Director

The Technology Director is responsible for developing and implementing a strategic approach to utilizing technology to enhance teaching, learning, and operations.  This includes coordinating, managing, and maintaining all technology at Saint Joseph High School, and, along with the Technology Assistant, providing customer service to students, parents, and faculty/staff..   Through this work, the Technology Director supports and strengthens the mission of Saint Joseph High School to transform students in heart and mind, preparing them to serve God, the Church, and the world.

Oversight, Management, and Customer Service 

  • Ensures the effective deployment, operation, and upkeep of the school network, firewall, hardware (laptops, desktops, projectors, iPads, doc cams, etc.), software, cameras system, telephone system, P.A. system, P.O.S. System, cable TV, and copiers, and other technology-supported systems.
  • Provides back-end support for the school website, payment processes, and other technology-supported functions.     
  • Maintains an inventory of technology equipment, software licenses, and other materials.
  • Maintains licenses for all software.
  • Acts as site administrator for various software products, including Google (primary site admin), Canvas (secondary site admin), and Powerschool (secondary site admin).  
  • Manages the email addresses and maintains the various email groups.  Manages staff usernames for the website and certain other software products.  
  • Provides customer service by overseeing the deployment, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting associated with hardware and software.
  • Provides tech support for guest speakers and special events that occur on campus.    
  • Ensures that the school is following all federal, state, and Diocesan guidelines to protect students and staff from objectionable or illegal content.  
  • Investigates and works with the AP for Student Life on student or staff network or laptop violation issues. 
Planning, Budgeting, and Purchasing
  • Develops a long-range strategic plan for technology use to support and enhance teaching and learning  and to support productive and efficient operations and technology use for administration and staff.  Updates the plan annually.  
  • Develops and manages the technology budget in consultation with the Technology Committee and the Director of Finance and Business Operations. 
  • Coordinates the purchase of technology equipment and materials per the budget.  
  • Provides information for the filing of USF (e-rate) forms, as needed.
  • Collaborates with others for technology purchases through grants, such as EANS, GEER, Security, and Title funding.
Support for Staff  
  • Develops procedures and instructions for faculty/staff related to the use of laptops, Google, and other applications.  
  • Provides consultation and assistance to teachers and staff with technology problems and concerns. 

Performs other duties assigned.

Organizational Structure

  • Serves as chair of the Technology Committee.
  • Supervises the Technology Assistant and any summer technology staff.
  • Reports to the Director of Finance and Business Operations.  Also receives direction and support from the Assistant Principal for Academics. 
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred.  Applicable certifications also preferred.  
  • Previous experience in overseeing technology systems - network, hardware, and software.  
  • A knowledge of best practices in utilizing technology to enhance teaching and learning.  
  • Valid driver’s license.
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This is a full time position
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