Staff Accountant

The staff accountant executes accounting, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, reimbursements, grant management, and other business office functions.  Through this work, the staff accountant supports and strengthens the mission of Saint Joseph High School to transform students in heart and mind, preparing them to serve God, the Church, and the world. 


Accounting Procedures

  • Reconciles all bank statements monthly
  • Makes daily deposits of all cash receipts, excluding tuition payments, and prepares journal entry for recording. 
  • Maintains money (change) for departments, athletic contests or other needed funds from bank.
  • Counts, balances, and deposits Dress Down Day monies.
  • Prepares payroll on a twice-monthly basis for hourly employees, classroom substitutes, and adjunct athletic coaches.
  • Runs monthly online donor activity reports to reconcile with bank deposits, and prepares journal entries to the general ledger.
  • Works with the athletic department to obtain monthly Event Link reports to create journal entries for recording payments to officials.  
  • Works with athletic and extra-curricular moderators to reconcile online-sign up payments for activities, and prepares entries to the general ledger. 
  • Provides reconciliations of club funds to moderators.  
  • Assists employees with changes in payroll paperwork such taxes, 403-B, and other payroll deductions.
  • Tracks expenditures and fund balance for various grants, including EANS, E-Rate, and Title funds. 
  • Performs accounting functions as assigned by the Director of Finance and Business Operations according to best practice and compliant with accepted accounting principles.

Purchasing and Accounts Payable

Manages and ensures the accuracy of all purchasing and accounts payable functions, including:

  • Approves standard purchase order (P.O.) requests. Processes all P.O.s. and verifies that all purchases are properly submitted and approved. 
  • Sees that invoices match the P.O. and are paid on time and attributed to the proper internal account.   
  • Updates vendor files, and sets up new vendors in the system.  Identifies 1099 vendors to run and prepares 1099's in January.
  • Is responsible for data entry of all invoices and bills. 
  • Maintains and tracks distribution of each credit card to faculty/staff/department, and logs receipts.
  • Reconciles credit card statements monthly, and ensures that all charges are supported by receipts and POs, as appropriate and are properly approved.   Prepares journal entry for expenses. 
  • Prepares payments each week and additional check runs if needed for special events.
  • Works with the athletic director to prepare payments for support personnel for athletic events.
  • Manages and pays quarterly phone allowance to designated employees.
  • Sees that all reimbursement requests have receipts attached and are properly approved.
  • Maintains accounts payable files, including void check entry each month.
  • Orders general supplies for all school personnel; purchases all supplies for Faculty Lounge.  Maintains spreadsheet to allocate supply requests to departmental accounts, and prepares summary journal entry to record in the general ledger each month.

Other Duties

  • Prepares, mails, and maintains the files on student accident reports.  
  • Assists with Choice Scholarship and SGO paperwork and processing, as needed.
  • Assists the Director of Finance and Business Operations in preparing the annual budget.  
  • Assists the Office of Mission Advancement in entering gifts during high volume times as requested, and providing support for advancement office events as needed.
  • Collects documents (receipts, conference registration, etc.), issues reimbursements, and maintains accurate records for all Title and budgeted funds related to faculty/staff for travel and professional development activities.  (Activities are approved by the Assistant Principal for Academics.

Organizational Structure

  • Serves on the Business Office Team 
  • Reports to the Director of Finance and Business Operations. 

Qualifications and Skills

  • Accounting degree preferred, but principles of accounting coursework required.
  • Experience with accounting and accounts payable.  Skills with accounting software.  
  • Exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail.  
  • Able to work independently, be task oriented, solve problems, and meet deadlines.
  • Team oriented and able to work collaboratively with others.  
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