Aspiring Catholic Leaders Program
The Aspiring Catholic Leaders program is for teachers who strive to become strong Catholic leaders in the Diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend with the goal of developing strong Catholic school principals.

The required commitments of the program include New Principal Induction meetings, the Principal Professional Development, and faith formation. Participants will also be required to shadow a Catholic school administrator one day at a time with a total of four days per semester. 

Candidates must be Catholic, have 5 years of teaching experience, willing to pay 1/3rd of tuition cost, have a recommendation from their current principal or pastor, have good evaluations, and provide an essay/philosophy of Catholic school leadership. A letter of acceptance to an approved educational leadership program is required. Candidates must apply to administrator openings in Diocese.

Enter your information below to complete Step One of the application for the Aspiring Catholic Leaders Program. Step Two of the application will be emailed to you. Application due no later than July 20th for consideration of first semester enrollment or October 20th for second semester enrollment.


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