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Manufacturing Extension Agents provide outreach to small and medium size manufacturers and are assigned to designated regions throughout the state of Oklahoma. They are the trusted advisor working with manufacturers to help them grow and evolve, aiding in the development of business excellence in people, process, and strategy to drive center revenue and economic impact. This position's territory will cover the Southeast quadrant of OKC, and extend into the Shawnee area.

Reports to:
Director of Operations

Opportunity Management and Execution - 35%
Accountable to generate legitimate leads and maintain ownership of the account management process for all assigned accounts.

Client Relationship and Account Management - 30%
Accountable to meet with Clients and maintain relationships, manage impact and progress on engagements (business scouting, business to business support, supplier/resource support etc.).

CRM Reporting and Management - 15%
Responsible to enter all account documentation in CRM to ensure data integrity and effective account management.

Integration with Delivery Team / Manufacturing Specialist - 10%
Accountable to ensure a partnership and good working relationship with the Delivery Team Manufacturing Specialist resources in order to effectively manage the client account based on the scope of work engagement.

Stakeholder Relationship Management – 5%
Accountable to maintain positive relationship with regional stakeholders, which includes the economic development partners, educational partners, and sponsors.

Continuous Learning - 5%
Accountable to partner with direct manager to create and maintain a personal and professional development plan.

Opportunity Management and Execution - 35%

  • Generate leads for the Business Excellence Assessments to be completed for clients and coordinate the hand-off to the Delivery Team member to ensure the process is completed.  Provide follow-up where applicable.
  • Responsible to perform prospecting and lead generation activities to generate clients served, impact and revenue.
  • Responsible for gathering referrals from existing client relationships and partner organizations to continuously improve client count, impact and revenue targets.
  • Communicate upcoming events and services in assigned region to improve leads and opportunities.
  • Ensure that timely follow up is done following all marketing and events in assigned region to improve lead generation and center opportunities.
  • Develop, partner and participate in educational events that are intended to drive leads and opportunities.
  • Follow up with all existing clients and ask for referrals to generate new client leads.
  • Ensure that all correspondence leading up to opportunities are entered into CRM with the following attributes: close date, opportunity scope, cost summary.
Client Relationship and Account Management - 30%
  • Responsible to manage the Client with informal and formal engagements and data collection for survey to ensure that the desired impact(s) were achieved for the center to achieve its metrics.
  • Communicate with Clients on a regular basis to ensure that all communications are effectively managed to grow and retain client relationship.
  • Required to manage information to and from clients and ensure that it is documented in CRM so it can be utilized to quantify impact at time of survey.
  • Formally meet with clients on site and or virtual on a regular basis to maintain relationship and drive opportunities for the center.
  • Support clients by connecting them to potential grant funding/financial support that is available in their region to support their long-term growth and success.
  • Responsible for project follow up to ensure impact is generated and recorded (account MGT huddle).
  • Required to engage in formal client impact discussions at the conclusion of each project as well as prior to the impact survey to maximize the centers impact metrics.
  • Ensure that all client surveys are completed for the center to meet its impact metrics.
  • Work with the Director of Communications to identify a client brief/success story for key accounts at the time of survey to be utilized for NIST reporting and future case studies for center marketing.
  • Work in a disciplined manner and adhere to our practices and principles as a center to achieve our goals and mission.
CRM Reporting and Management - 15%
  • Required to enter all prospecting and lead generation information into the CRM to drive seamless account management and reporting for the center and NIST purposes.
  • Ensure that all documentation for client support (formal and informal) during client interactions are entered into the CRM to document impact and progress.
  • Document all project pre-determined impact metrics into the CRM so the client and the center are aligned to the target metrics that will be improved based on the scope of work the center is contracted to perform.
  • Finalize project documentation at the close of the scope of work with delivery input to ensure that the center delivered the services contracted and to capture impact.
  • At time of impact survey, review all client notes and prepare a summary post engagement to help the client identify impact as a result of the center’s engagement.
Integration with Delivery Team / Manufacturing Specialist -10%
  • Responsible for follow up with the Business Development Manager, outside Service Providers and the Delivery Team Manufacturing Specialist on formal and informal client activities to ensure good quality of provided services and to gather project impacts during engagements.
  • Attend and engage in weekly communication meetings to coordinate the client hand-offs, provide new client information, understand current delivery progress and gather impacts against the goals of the project(s).
  • Responsible to communicate urgent client concerns, quality issues, or project changes to the Director of Operations.
  • Communicate with the Business Development Manager to ensure Client “one off’s” (small engagements and or projects) have adequate resources and are managed efficiently to drive intended impact.
  • Meet formally or informally one on one with team members assigned to client projects to ensure that all client projects are successfully managed and executed to plan.
Stakeholder Relationship Management – 5%
  • Attend manufacturing relevant sponsor support activities (staff meetings, boards, initiatives etc.) to ensure joint metrics and expectations are met.
  • Required to develop and maintain positive stakeholder relationships (sponsors, partners, and associations) to represent the center’s ability to serve manufacturing and ultimately the client.
Continuous Learning - 5%
  • Create, maintain, and be responsible for a personal and professional development plan by partnering with your direct manager.
  • Continuously keep your direct manager involved so the development goals are progressing to enrich your contribution to the center and your career.
Measures of Performance:
Shared Metrics:
  • Center impact metrics must be 8/10 on the scorecard by end of fiscal year (June 30).
  • Center revenue must be $600,000 or greater billed by the end of the fiscal year.

Individual Metrics:
  • Net promoter score of 90% or better. 
  • 90-100% of yes to impact.
  • Survey completion percentage 90-100%.
  • 24 closed projects per year with impact, 2 each month.
  • Complete 2 Business Excellence Assessments each quarter with the Regional Business Consultant that results in revenue.
  • Generate $60,000 in revenue billed each year due to unique and Business Excellence Assessments for project work completed during the fiscal year.
Company Values and OMA Culture:
Team members at OMA are expected to adopt and uphold the company values. Work should be done within the context of the vision and mission of the company. Individuals are required to grow both personally and professionally. Everyone should feel the freedom and responsibility of using their best judgement to serve our customers and make the company successful. The following are the behaviors we will hold each other accountable to uphold.
  • We are credible, trustworthy, and ethical, serving with integrity.
  • We are passionate about manufacturing and are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations.
  • We leverage collective genius through collaboration and teamwork.
  • We bring vision, innovation, and technological advances to create results.
  • We are a learning organization, insatiably curious and committed to “getting better every day.”

Base salary range: $75,000-$85,000 plus a generous benefits package.  Commensurate with experience and responsibilities within the organization.

This is a full time position

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