Crosstown Learning Center | Preschool | 2501 E Archer, Tulsa, OK

Crosstown Learning Center – Tulsa, OK
Executive Director 

The Executive Director or Managing Director is responsible for maintaining the daily operations and management of Crosstown Learning Center. Those responsibilities fall into three buckets: Management, External Affairs, and Finances. Those respective duties include:


Staff Responsibilities:
  1. Has full authority and makes final decision in hiring and firing of staff
  2. Evaluates staff
  3. Conducts monthly staff meetings
  4. Meets with individual staff members on an “as needed” basis.
  5. Monitors all caregivers to assure that all guidelines are followed (health & safety)
  6. Able help center and personnel to meet and exceed licensing standards
  7. Ensures compliance with center policies by staff and clients
  8. Oversees other administrative tasks

  1.  Parent Relations:
    1. Maintains an open-door policy that encourages parental involvement
    2. Creates and maintains open communication with parents
    3. Provides multiple opportunities for parental involvement
  2. Grounds:
    1. Make sure the space is utilized properly 
    2. Provides timely repairs on equipment necessary for Crosstown to conduct business.

  1. Serves as ex-officio member of the Crosstown Board of Directors
  2. Provides agenda
  3. Provides monthly report
  4. Provides ongoing support to Board for committee decisions

External Affairs:

  1. Serves as liaison between state and local regulatory agencies, including but not limited to:
  2. DHS, Creek and Cherokee Agencies,
  3. Health Department
  4. Fire Department
  5. Child Welfare
  6. Vista
  7. Child Care Resource Center
  8. NAEYC
  9. Is a spokesperson and public relations person for the center

  1. Perform or ensure the performance of the following:
  2. Maintain grant timeline
  3. Submit all grant applications in requested formats
  4. Provide monthly grant and fundraising reports to the Board of Directors
  5. Maintain donor relationships 
  6. Consistently pursue new donor relationships and grant opportunities
  7. Work with Public Relations and/or Fundraising Committee on annual fundraising event(s)


Fiscal Responsibilities
  1. Works with Board Finance Committee to prepare annual budget
  2. Makes sure center uses fiscally sound practices
  3. Solicits multiple bids for repairs or new construction
  4. Takes final responsibility for equipment purchases
  5. Provides up-to-date financial records to the board
  6. Maintains all financial records of the center
  7. Takes full responsibility for 
    1. Prepare and present tax report for approval by the board 
    2. Monthly and annual financial statements
    3. Accounts payable and receivables
    4. Payroll
    5. General ledger
    6. Petty cash
  8. Maintains files to produce claims for:
    1. CACFP
    2. OECP
    3. DHS
  9. Provides overdue account collection information to Administrative Assistant on a timely basis

  1. Meet DHS and NAEYC requirements for Managing Director
  2. Able to work with a broad socioeconomic group of individuals
  3. Has taken at least 40 clock hours in center management and administration
  4. Has knowledge of new laws that affect employers
  5. Able to work with and be responsible to a Board of Directors
  6. Has financial expertise in accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll
  7. Has knowledge of basic accounting procedures
  8. Continues education in administrative management 
  9. Involved in professional organizations


This is a management position

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