At Activus Connect, we believe that our team works with us, not for us. Our goal is to find the very best talent who loves what they do, driving performance above all expectations. Our Smart Virtual™ solution offers flexibility and growth opportunities that you just don't get from a brick-and-mortar office environment. While this position is temporary, it serves as a great opportunity to learn about Activus Connect, to apply for any number of additional roles within our growing organization after this project is completed and to grow with us. 


At Activus Connect, we are a team that operates on the simple principals of mutual accountability, reliability, and dependability.  In order to be part of the team, we must be able to rely on you and that starts with being at work on time, consistently doing your best, and taking pride in the work you perform. 

A Workforce Management (WFM) Analyst is responsible for the intraday management of the program’s resources, to ensure the correct number of ambassadors are in their seats at the right times to answer an accurately forecasted volume of incoming calls, emails or chat, at the desired service level for our clients.

This role is that in which you will be relied upon to truly keep the call flow steady and our ambassadors accounted for.  WFM Analysts are key members in ensuring the delivery of a premium solution for our clients. Are you up for the challenge?


  • Monitor and Manage the tracking and reporting of headcount and absenteeism on a daily basis for all assigned programs.
  • Ensure that Operations is aware of all ambassador communication and is following up with ambassador absences
  • Provide real-time monitoring via available tools and workforce management techniques to make intra-day adjustments in an effort to maximize resource efficiency and achieve program objectives or service level goals.
  • Creates and analyzes the reports and provides recommendations to Operations on adjustments to staffing levels to achieve program service levels and profitability goals.
  • Assumes and performs other or ad-hoc duties and responsibilities not specifically outlined herein, but which are logically and properly inherent to the position


  • Excellent organization skills and ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment.
  • Well-developed oral and written communication skills.
  • Flexible, creative problem-solving, anticipates changes and welcomes challenges
  • Strong computer and software skills; proficient in Microsoft Office: Excel and Word.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Good analytical and number crunching skills
  • Basic skills in interpreting reports, analyzing data
  • Ability to work independently or with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with all levels within the organization


  • Education: Must have a High School Diploma or equivalent  
  • Experience: 
    • A minimum of 2-3 years of call center experience
    • 1+ years of experience in workforce management for call centers
    • Experience with any Workforce Management software and/or Reporting Systems is a plus
  • Must be proficient in reading and speaking English
  • Experienced at writing qualification and validation of work, coaching, and training.
  • You will need some flexibility in your schedule 
    • Minimum of 2 days off per week
    • Schedule on average of 8 hours per day, based on our client's needs
    • This is not an occasional work assignment, you will be provided a defined shift and you must be able to commit to a defined shift
  • Ability to commit to paid online training: Dates to be determined. 


You will be required to be at your workstation for your shift periods. It is required that you create an environment that is ergonomically sound for your comfort and needs 


To complete your application you will need to take a screenshot (saved as PNG or JPEG) of the following two items so that you can upload them in your application:

1)  Please complete a computer speed test using this link:  Activus Connect Speedtest
2)  Please locate your computer specifications and take a screenshot.  If you need assistance, there are numerous videos and "how-to" documents online.  Simply search for how to find computer specs for the version of Windows you are running.  **Please remember that you will need to include your operating system, processor speed, RAM and Hard Drive details**
3)  Please take a photo of your intended workspace 

Department: Customer Experience
This is a full time position

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