Who You Are…

As our Ambassador, you are a part of our Process Support team and your passion for providing outstanding customer service contributes to our exceptional level of customer satisfaction.  You will be working with Activus Connect, never for us.  In your home office, on your computer/laptop, you will connect with customers to answer questions and resolve issues through phone calls and maybe even chat!  Self-Motivation is essential as you will be assigned a schedule. Every day you will be the face of Activus Connect as we make meaningful and positive impacts on customers. You will demonstrate empathy and compassion by finding the proper resolution to all the customers inquiries. We have fun every single day and being comfortable using email and chat to communicate with peers is an absolute must.  As a champion for the customer, at Activus Connect, you will be able to actively listen while using awesome phone contact skills!  

Here is what an Ambassadors day looks like... 

  • You will be working entirely from home, our positions are completely virtual. No more paying for gas to drive to work, no more uncomfortable work clothes, no more getting stuck in traffic (unless you count the traffic at the toaster for those morning waffles)! 

  • You will need a distraction-free, quiet, environment to work from. An ideal work location is a private room, maybe a bedroom or office, with a door you can close. The best work locations are free from distractions like televisions, pets, or family members who may be in the home during your work hours. It's important to remember that while you are working, you will need to be focused, so caring for family members or pets during work hours is not possible. 

  • It's important you set yourself up for success!  You will be using your own equipment; a computer, headset, and hard-wired internet.  You will want to ensure you have space for all your equipment in your work location and that you have everything you need before the start of your shift. It will be busy taking calls but we don't forget the fun.

  • You work from your home but you are definitely not alone.  We have a variety of groups and activities you can join in, including a book club! Get to know your coworkers, make some new friends, and build your support team. Stay connected with us.

  • At Activus Connect we strive to give every customer the best experience, and our Ambassadors are the face of our company. It all starts with you. You are the foundation upon which our success is built. We ask for the very best - and we give the same back to our employees. 

What you will do each day….

  • Communicate effectively with multiple parties via phone, email, and chat to address their roadside concerns - all while making sure the customer knows you are 100% there for them.

  • Providing an excellent customer service experience, going the extra mile to ensure the customer’s needs are met. 
  • Create clear and thorough notes that detail every step of the process you take in each customer’s case.
  • Manage challenging customer situations while maintaining a positive, empathetic, and consultative approach towards the customer during their time of need.
  • Willing to constantly learn and grow with the project- comfortable learning new products, tools, systems, and technologies as required to enhance the customer experience. 
  • Attention to detail is a must, being a problem solver and thinking creatively are critical for this position. 


  • Flexibility in your schedule. You are able to work nights, weekends, and holidays as needed.
  • You are the kind of person that looks for challenges instead of steering away from them. 
  • Superb communication skills - both verbally and written. 
  • You are able to work well independently. 
  • Exceptional attention to detail and strong organization skills. 
  • A strong work ethic.
  • You are able to pivot on a dime and are adaptable in ever changing environments.
  • A growth mindset - one that is focused on learning and has a glass half full view of the world.
  • The ability to take calls, emails, and chats in Spanish or Quebecois is a plus!

To qualify… 

  • You must have a high school diploma or equivalent. 

  • At least 1 year of call center experience OR 2 years of customer service experience.

  • Be willing to work under an immediate supervisor. Accept and learn from feedback – we are all in this together and growth is guaranteed! 

  • We will pay you to complete online training, but you must commit to attending – 100%, no missed time. 

  • Be willing to submit to a background check.
  • Be willing to submit to a drug screening.


  • Desktop or laptop (Tablets, Winbooks, Smart devices, Windows Mini PCs, Chromebook and Android systems are NOT compatible)  

    • Operation system: Windows 10 or Mac OS Mojave or Newer 

    • Processor: Dual Core 2GHZ or better

    • RAM:  8GB or better  

    • Hard Drive: At least 20GB free space

    • All peripherals must be wired (wireless keyboard, wireless mouse or wireless headset are NOT allowed)

  • Must have reliable high-speed internet  

    • 20MB download  

    • 10MB upload  

    • DSL, Cable, Fiber ONLY - (no Wi-Fi or satellite-based service)  

  • For this project, a wired audio and noise-canceling microphone device is required.  

  • We do require that you have an active, functioning webcam for the purposes of compliance, quality assurance, and coaching or support sessions.  You will also be on camera when communicating with customers. 

  • A second monitor/screen is required - 

    • We recommend a 1080p (Full HD) resolution
    • Recommended monitor size is 22"

The Details… 

  • The pay rate is $15.00 per hour 

  • Training is paid at $15 an hour as well

  • Benefit eligible after 60 days (Medical, Vision, Dental and 401k) 

  • This is a fully remote position, 100% work from home
  • The client operates Monday-Sunday, weekend work may be required. 
  • The hours of operation are TBD. You need to be available to work any shift within this time frame. 

Department: Customer Experience
This is a full time position

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