At Activus Connect, we believe that our team works with us, not for us. Our goal is to find the very best talent who loves what they do, driving performance above all expectations. Our Smart Virtual™ solution offers flexibility and growth opportunities that you just don't get from a brick-and-mortar office environment. This position serves as a great opportunity to learn about Activus Connect, and join our growing organization. 


At Activus Connect, we are a team that operates on the simple principles of mutual accountability, reliability, and dependability.  In order to be part of the team, we must be able to rely on you and that starts with being at work on time, consistently doing your best, and taking pride in the work you perform. 

The role of the TEC (Team Experience Coordinator) is to serve as the primary point of contact for Activus Connect Ambassadors, providing operational guidance and creating an environment that drives positive experience-oriented outcomes. 

This role is that in which you will be relied upon by those that truly need your help addressing any questions or concerns and offering solutions and help throughout an Ambassador's shift. It’s that simple! 


  • Collaborating with Customer Experience Manager, Heads of Operation, and/or AX Support when disciplinary action is required. 
  • Working with an appropriate member of your support team around employees needing to be termed, suspended, or to issue corrective action
  • Mentoring new TECs joining production with the new TECs shadowing the mentor
  • Identifying operational issues and suggesting possible improvements for both Activus and the client
  • Enhancing the organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests
  • Exploring opportunities to add value to their job accomplishments 
  • Working with management team members to support Ambassadors and each other to maximize customer satisfaction
  • Partnering with peers for floor coverage
  • Attendance and staff tracking (follow up with NCNS w/ email and/or call)
  • Monitoring and evaluating agent performance
  • Provide learning or coaching direction to the Ambassadors during production
  • Providing training/coaching around call procedure and processes
  • Performing queue test calling to validate adherence, flow, transfers, and escalation
  • Driving retention of Ambassadors through guided measures (i.e. team building, calibration, decompression tied to high occupancy, etc.) 
  • Providing product/service information, navigational guidance, answering questions, performing proper escalation, and delivering validation to the floor by answering questions/offering assistance
  • Scheduling breaks and decompression time
  • Improving quality results by directly monitoring Ambassador performance, seeking to understand Ambassadors support needs, and recommending changes
  • Ensuring Ambassadors understand and comply with business objectives, performance standards, and policies
  • TEC’s will recommend disciplinary action based on established procedures, seeking management and AX Support (Human Resources) prior to administering formal disciplinary action.
    • Write-up’s will be approved by Mgmt. and or AX Support
  • Suspensions or terminations will be performed with direct support from a witness, either AX Support or Mgmt. Team Member.  This is a mandatory requirement.
  • Note: The duties, responsibilities, and expectations outlined in this job description are not intended to be “all-inclusive” but more so a set of general guidelines.  Essential for the role of the Team Experience Coordinator (TEC) is an understanding that our Ambassador Experience is key to the success of our Customer Experience.  While processes and procedures are essential for good business, empathy, communication, and understanding are equally required in order to create balance.  In the end, Activus Connect is a people business and we are never to lose sight of this fact.
  • Additional, as needed, support with the completion of any assigned edits as required by the business


  • Comfortable using primarily e-mail and chat for real-time communication
  • Strong phone contact handling skills and active listening  
  • Self-motivated and comfortable from home, using your personal computer  
  • Good attitude, positive outlook – you consider yourself to be social! 
  • Reliable, Dependable, and Punctual
  • Motivated and self-directed 


  • Education: Must have a High School Diploma or equivalent  
  • Experience:  10+ years of professional work experience, preferably in the service industry 
  • Must be proficient in reading and speaking English
  • You will need some flexibility in your schedule 
    • Minimum of 2 days off per week
    • Schedule on average of 8 hours per day, based on our client's needs
    • This is not an occasional work assignment, you will be provided a defined shift and you must be able to commit to a defined shift
  • Ability to commit to paid online training as required: Ongoing dates to be determined. 


  • Standard Company Technical Requirements Apply


  • You will be required to be at your workstation for your shift periods. It is required that you create an environment that is ergonomically sound for your comfort and needs 


Department: Customer Experience
This is a full time position

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