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The programming department is responsible for creating accurate and safe programs which run the machine tools and in turn, create detail parts.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Analyzes drawings, sketches, and design data of part to determine dimension and configuration of cuts, selection of cutting tools, and machine speeds and feed rates.

2. Determines reference points and direction of machine cutting paths.

3. Computes angular and linear dimensions, radii, and curvatures, and outlines sequence of operations required to machine part.

4. Writes instruction sheets and cutter lists to guide setup and operation of machine.

5. Writes program of machine instructions in symbolic language to encode numerical control tape or direct numerical control database to regulate movement of machine along cutting path.

6. Revises program to eliminate instruction errors or omissions.

7. Observes operation of machine on trial run to prove taped or programmed instructions.

8. Follows all safety guidelines established by the Company, including proper use of safety equipment and relevant safety procedures.

9. Performs other duties as assigned.


· 2-5 years’ experience in programming.

· Thorough understanding of machine tools.

· Experienced with cad/cam and CNC machines in a production environment.

· Able to combine people and process for improved throughput.

· Ability to program in NX and MasterCam.

Physical Requirements:

· Able to withstand long periods of stress.

· Prolonged sitting and working on a computer.

Work Environment:

· Work may be performed in an office environment or the manufacturing area of the facility which may require use of safety glasses and hearing protection.

· Exposure to heat, cold, dust, dirt, noise, odors, fumes, vapor from coolant, etc. may also be encountered when in the manufacturing areas to varying degrees.


This is a non-management position
This is a full time position

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