For the 2023-2024 school year, St. Joseph Grade School is looking to hire a full-time 1st Grade teacher.  This position on our K-2 team is supported by an instructional aide and involves the planning and delivery of instruction in all core subjects.

St. Joseph Grade School is a K-8 Catholic school in downtown South Bend founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross and dedicated to preparing students to be excellent scholars, faithful disciples, and virtuous servant leaders.  We deeply cherish our mission to make God known, loved, and served, and seek faculty and staff members who are eager to help fulfill it. 

While every Catholic educator’s call to teach is unique and personal, at St. Joseph Grade School, we expect all employees to share essential attributes. We seek to hire individuals who are:

  • Faith-filled and express their faith with authenticity in our classrooms 

  • Hardworking and set high expectations for themselves and their students  

  • Innovative and develop thoughtful, mission-centered ways to better serve students

  • Kind and imitate Christ in their warm, loving interactions with colleagues, students, and families

  • Reliable and fulfill all of their duties with professionalism

Finally, we believe that individuals who truly bear these traits will also hunger for growth in their own faith journeys and professional practices, and this openness to personal development is an essential quality of our teachers and staff.

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