The Assistant Principal for Academics oversees curriculum, instruction, assessment, and student support with the overall goal of seeing that all students have a high quality, rigorous, and supportive academic experience that prepares them for college and career.  The AP for Academics serves on the administrative team and supports and strengthens the mission of Saint Joseph High School to transform students in heart and mind, preparing them to serve God, the Church, and the world. 

Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, Teacher Supervision

  • Works to ensure that teachers develop a positive, joyful, welcoming, supportive, and inclusive classroom environment in which students can readily engage, learn, and grow.  
  • Oversees the implementation of high quality and rigorous curriculum that is aligned to state standards and integrates Catholic identity.   
  • Oversees instruction and works to ensure that teachers utilize best practice instructional methods that foster student engagement and learning.  
  • Works to see that courses include quality and rigorous formative and summative assessments that are aligned to course and unit outcomes, and that teachers are utilizing best practices in assessment and grading.  
  • Works to ensure that teachers are  implementing timely and effective student supports and interventions that help all students learn, grow, and succeed.  
  • Oversees the implementation of all remediation or preparation for ISTEP+, SAT, ASVAB, or other standardized assessments.     
  • Coordinates annual teacher evaluations for the administration and evaluates teachers and staff as assigned. 
  • Supervises department chairs and the PLTW coordinator.
  • Facilitates the eLearning program and process.  

Teacher Hiring, New Teacher, Substitute Teacher, and Student Teacher Supervision

  • Collaborates with the Principal and Department Chairs in the recruitment and hiring of teachers and certain staff positions.
  • Plans and coordinates a 2-day new teacher orientation prior to the start of the school year. 
  • Facilitates monthly new teacher meetings.  Assigns a mentor teacher to all new teachers and supervises the mentor teacher program.
  • Oversees the main office Administrative Assistant in the assigning of substitute teachers.  Leads the hiring of long-term substitutes when needed.  
  • Assigns student teachers and works with all in-house supervising teachers.

Accreditation and School Improvement

  • Works with the Principal to oversee the school accreditation processes and ensures that requirements are met, including all internal annual goals and improvement plans.
  • Conducts a systematic review of school-wide and departmental goals and outcomes.  This includes a review and analysis of standardized test results (AP, PSAT, SAT, WIDA, ASVAB), student grades, and other data.  
  • Oversees the School Improvement Committee in coordinating the development, implementation, and assessment of the annual school goals and the school improvement plan.

Professional Development

  • Plans (with the Principal) the teacher orientation day at the start of the school year.
  • Plans and coordinates in-house professional development for teachers.
  • Shares information on, approves, and provides funding for professional development for teachers through conferences and workshops.
  • Supervises and administers title monies (Title II, Title III, Title IV), professional development budget, and other grants as assigned.

Scheduling and Staffing

  • Works with the Director of Curriculum to ensure that curriculum, course approval, scheduling, staffing, and grading practices are aligned with the school mission, vision, and goals.  
  • Works with the Director of Curriculum and Director of Counseling to expand dual credit and Career and Technical Education (CTE) opportunities.  

Additional Supervision and Oversight

  • Serves on the Technology Committee.
  • Serves on the Admission Committee
  • Serves on the Student Assistance Team (STAT)
  • Oversees the process to place students on academic probation and sends the initial communication to students and parents.
  • Oversees the study table program.
  • Approves all field trips and guest speakers in classrooms.
  • Coordinates and leads the Academic Honors Ceremony in the Spring. 
  • Serves as a member of the Discipline Board at all disciplinary hearings and as discipline administrator when a situation needs a second person or in the absence of the assistant principal for Student Affairs.    
  • Oversees extra and co-curricular clubs/activities in the area of curricular programs.
  • Attends and supervises at athletic or extra-curricular events as assigned. 
  • Performs other functions as specified by the Principal.

Organizational Structure

  • Serves as a member of the Administrative Team.
  • Supervises and evaluates the Main Office Administrative Assistant and the Director of Curriculum.  Co-evaluates the Director of Technology.  
  • Reports to the Principal.


  • Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree  and valid Teaching and Administrative License.  
  • Teaching experience; Previous administrative/supervisory experience preferred.
  • A knowledge of high school curriculum and an understanding of best practices in instruction, assessment, classroom management, and professional development.
  • Valid driver’s license.
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