The Associate Pastoral Minister assists the Director of Pastoral Ministry in the organizational, operational, and communications aspects of ministry at Saint Joe.  This position coordinates and implements all aspects of the Saint Joe Christian Service Program.  In collaboration with the Director of Pastoral Ministry, this position helps provide pastoral, spiritual, and liturgical service and support to the school, faculty/staff, and students; and promotes student engagement in the faith life of high schools, parishes, and faith communities.  This position also assists in other areas as assigned and works to support and strengthen the mission of Saint Joseph High School to transform students in heart and mind, preparing them to serve God, the Church, and the world. 

Liturgy & Logistics

  • Assists with planning, organization, and communication related to daily prayer, Masses, prayer services, Reconciliation, Stations of the Cross, Bishop’s visit, and other events in cooperation with the Pastoral Minister, Chaplain, music ministers, and others as necessary. 

  • Assists in training student and adult extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion and lectors. 

  • Supports and manages, when necessary, communication between the Director of Pastoral Ministry and clergy, students, parents, faculty, staff, and Diocese.

  • Assists in providing liturgical, devotional, and prayer opportunities for faculty. Helps implement the retreat program. 

  • Assists in providing retreat opportunities for faculty. 

  • Assists in designing, planning, and implementing retreats for students. 

    Christian Service

  • Communicates the rationale, guidelines, expectations, and procedures of the Christian Service Program to students and parents through the Saint Joe website and other means.  

  • Maintains existing relationships, develops new relationships, and actively communicates with service sites to coordinate opportunities for students.  Visits main service sites annually.  

  • Lists service sites and opportunities on the website and service app and actively promotes service opportunities to students and parents both in-person (i.e. lunch, classroom visits, parent meetings)  and through communication channels (i.e. morning announcements, canvas, email, and newsletters).

  • Proactively communicates with students throughout a quarter regarding their service requirement (especially with those who need additional motivation and direction).  

  • Evaluates and approves new services sites proposed by students.  

  • Approves all service hours for students through the service app.  

  • Communicates with students and parents regarding service or sites that are not approved.

  • Enters service grades in Powerschool.

  • Plans and coordinates an annual summer service camp and makes summer service opportunities available to incoming and current students.

  • Consults with the Director of Pastoral Ministry regarding student, parent, or faculty/staff concerns.  

    Active Ministry

  • Maintains positive presence in hallways, cafeteria, meetings, and extracurricular events. 

  • Model faithful Catholic lifestyle, community engagement, and Catholic school spirit

  • Within the appropriate guidelines, counsels students, making referrals to the appropriate resources as necessary. 

  • Able to contribute spiritual presentations to retreats for students and faculty and staff

  • Assists in sacramental preparation of students, faculty, and staff preparing for the sacraments of initiation with Bishop during his annual visit

  • Assists with the faith development of faculty and staff. 

  • Serves as a resource on theological questions. 

  • Serves as a resource for vocational formation and information. 

  • Performs other functions as required by the Bishop, the Secretariat for Catholic Education, the Director of Pastoral Ministry, the Chaplain, and the Principal. 

Additional Responsibilities

  • Lunch, morning, or afternoon supervision as assigned.

  • Provides coverage in other offices as assigned.  

Organizational Structure

  • Reports to the Director of Pastoral Ministry.


  • Must hold, or be working toward, a masters degree in theology, pastoral ministry, or divinity.  

  • Possess the knowledge and ability to:

    • Assist in planning liturgies and various prayer services

    • Represent the fullness of the Church’s teachings, particularly in matters of morality and virtue.

    • Speak the language of mercy, love, and forgiveness in a spirit of accompaniment with those struggling with the Church’s teachings in matters of faith and morals.

  • Is able to: Build relationships and work well in collaboration with others;  Be self-directed and adaptable; Take direction and accept feedback; Work with and manage teenagers; Maintain timely and professional communication through various means (in-person, email, phone, etc.)

  • Is proficient in email, Google docs, forms, and spreadsheets.  Must be familiar with, or able to learn PowerSchool and Canvas. 

  • Valid driver’s license

Interested candidates should apply through the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend application portal



This is a non-management position
This is a full time position
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