The Gemini 3 Group is seeking multiple candidates to provide support to the Army's Operational Energy (OE) Office in Ft. Lee, VA. The selected candidates will develop Operational Energy (OE) training products, analysis, plans and concepts. 

Responsibilities include:
  • Curriculum development support.
  • Analysis of doctrinal publications, policies, regulations, and directives.
  • Support to the production of Joint Capabilities Integration Development System (JCIDS) documentation, experimentation/assessments, and technologies.  
  • OE development work in support of future force Army sustainment concept framework, by providing subject matter expertise in developing, coordinating and implementing a plan to place OE into the curriculum of training institutions across the Army.
  • Conduct assessments to determine the status of power production and distribution skill sets resident in units.
  • Review of Capability Development Documents (CDDs) and Capability Production Documents (CPDs) in accordance with the JCIDS process ensuringe OE requirements (KPP and KSAs) are fully considered and included where required.
  • Maintaining visibility and reviewing lessons learned from transforming units, current operations, warfighter experimentation, Capability Needs Analysis (CNA), Organizational Based Analysis (OBA), Cost Benefit Analysis (C-BA), Warfighter Outcomes, learning demands and characteristics of the force, JCIDS and ARCIC products and other applicable subject matter resources.
  • Required work includes conduct of  DOTMLPF-p analysis of the logistics capabilities needed for combat development efforts as well as other Integrated Capabilities Development Team (ICDT) requirements that USACASCOM may be required to participate in. The DOTMLPF-p analysis will address materiel and non-materiel solutions as identified in the capability gaps.
  •  Perform capabilities development work in support of future force logistic concepts by providing subject matter expertise to identify and define operational level, tactical level, and joint logistics requirements. 
  • Candidates must possess a valid security clearance at the SECRET level prior to start of work and throughout the period of performance for this contract. 
  • Must be able independently organize and carry out complex military research and analysis.
  •  Must be able to perform intermediate-level graphics generation (using drawing applications), technical document preparation, and be Microsoft PowerPoint proficient.
  • Must have current (within one year) relevant experience in the following technical areas:
  • Alternative forms of energy (solar, wind etc.), distribution of power and energy, and fuel and energy operations in the tactical environment.

This is a full time position

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