Exciting New Speech Pathology Position Available with
Klaras Children’s Center ECI (Birth to 3) Program
An experience you don’t want to miss…Come make a difference that may
be more far-reaching and powerful than you ever dreamed possible
The Klaras Children’s Center ECI (KCC ECI) is an Early Childhood Intervention Program that serves families with infants and toddlers who are experiencing problems with their development and/or behavior. KCC ECI serves families with children with a wide range of diagnoses including rare conditions. KCC ECI serves six counties in the central Texas area, including McLennan, Bosque, Hill, Limestone, Freestone, and Falls Counties
The philosophy of the KCC ECI is one of empowering families and other caregivers by partnering with them for the child’s success.   KCC ECI staff brainstorm with families/caregivers, helping them to discover what they already know to help their child and providing them with new knowledge and skills.  Klaras Children’s Center ECI staff provide all services in the child’s natural environment, meaning the home, child care setting, or other community settings such as the grocery store, parks, zoo, children’s museum, and restaurants.  NOTE:  During COVID-19, all services are provided via telehealth. 
Services are provided to fit the daily routines of the child/family/caregiver.  This means that the staff of Klaras Children’s Center  ECI use the child’s/family’s/caregiver’s own resources (toys, furniture, etc.) whenever possible.  It also means that staff coach families and caregivers at helping the child get better during the course of daily opportunities for learning, while providing emotional as well as other support to maximize the child’s success. 
Klaras Children’s Center ECI staff--which includes SLPs, PTs, OTs, early intervention specialists, service coordinators, and social workers--team together to serve children, families, and caregivers.  The staff of KCC ECI are in the unique position of helping families faced with adversity gain confidence, competence, and control over their lives.  KCC ECI staff truly are provided with a unique opportunity to partner with families/caregivers in what can be a journey not soon forgotten.  Here’s what one Klaras Children’s Center ECI mom said about this method of service delivery:
“...Klaras made me feel I was the one who could help my child.  I had always dreamed of being a mother and when Dylan was born with all his problems, I felt so defeated, like I would never be able to care for him like the doctors and therapists in the hospital.  But the staff at Klaras Center showed me how what we did with Dylan at home helped him learn what he needed to learn.  They pointed out the positives in what I did where all I saw were negatives.  They gave me good ideas and showed me some things to try.  I was finally able to reach my dream.  I am Dylan’s mom and what I can do for him is most important...”
Salary: competitive
401K: Employee puts in 4% and Center matches with 12%
Time off: 10 paid holidays plus personal leave time
Provided: Center laptop and cell phone
Mileage: Paid at state rate; some agency cars available  
(No staff are asked to see children in all 6 counties.)
Benefits: Medical and Dental provided at no cost to employee
SLP Mentors readily available 
Additional Info:
Minimal paperwork and flexible schedule
No weekend or holiday work
You are paid whether the client cancels or no-shows
You are paid while doing your paperwork
We have a high rate of returning therapists who try other settings and then come back to us!

For more information contact: 
Dianne Downing Moore
Therapy Supervisor and KCC ECI employee for 31 years
at (254) 715-7099

David Hanlin
Program Director and KCC ECI employee for 29 years
at (254) 297-7098
Gigi Barnes
Assistant Program Director and KCC ECI employee for 30 years
at (254) 297-7080
Main Office
 (254) 297-7089
(254) 297-7088 
Please visit our website for more information about us:  www.kcceci.org 
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Department: Klaras Childrens Center ECI
This is a full time position

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