We are accepting resumes for Automotive Technicians for our Legacy Dodge Taber AB location.  If you are a Ticketed Automotive Technician or certified Chrysler Technician and looking for an opportunity to advance and grow with the company and brand, secure relationships and prosper, this may be the career you are looking for.  We wish to share some outstanding opportunities. 

• Family Atmosphere
• Great Management & Support
• As Many Hours as You Can Handle for high performing technicians & Saturdays available
• Ongoing paid Training
• Great Health Benefits

***No Dodge experience required, Starting hourly rate is $38.00 an hour. hourly rate will be increased based on training.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL - **If you are a Certified Chrysler Technician**

REWARD!!   Up to $10,000.00 Signing Bonus for Certified Chrysler Technicians!!!

**Are you a Certified Chrysler Technician or are you on your way to becoming one? 
**Are you under paid and under valued by your current employer? 
**Do you get sent home early because your dealership has run out of work? 

...If you have said YES to any of these Questions, Opportunity awaits you for a great Technician career!

  • Our Chrysler Trained Technicians start at $34.00, moving up the scale towards $42.00 when Master Certified plus an Efficiency Bonus!
  • There is No Shift Work
  • All shifts are during the regular work day
  • If Technicians wish they may choose to put in extra hours for achieving more personal financial success!
  • Health Benefit Plan to Start Immediately 

And If You Think That's Great...There's Even More!!!

We appreciate our hard-working Legacy Technicians so much that we provide a Legacy "Thank You" Bonus for your Service to Legacy Dodge Taber!

  • After 3 years of Certified Chrysler Trained Automotive Technician Service you will receive $4000.00
  • After a total of 5 years of Certified Chrysler Trained Automotive Technician Service you will receive another $10,000.00

Just when you thought that it wasn't possible to get ahead and that benefits like this were unheard of, and being appreciated was not to be found....your opportunity awaits you! 

If this looks like a company you could work with, apply today.

Successful candidates will be contacted.  All resumes will be kept confidential and remain on file for three months.

Let your Legacy start here!

Department: Service
This is a non-management position
This is a full time position

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