Role Overview:
The incumbent must have the necessary knowledge and directly related experience in the construction of industrial facilities and possess the necessary skills to plan and direct the execution of the construction work. A working knowledge of unionized labor construction and labor relations is essential.

As the lead craft superintendent on the project, the Indirects Superintendent must lead the project
efforts to plan and safely execute required construction work. This includes but is not limited to
the following:

• Overall responsibility for craft worker safety on the project implementing a Zero Accidents philosophy
• Supervise all direct hire Superintendents assigned to the project
• Allocate craft workers to specific work assignments on the project
• Comply with project direct hire work practices
• Set and meet project cost and schedule targets
• Coordinate direct hire work activities with subcontractor work activities as required
• Ensure construction site cleanliness and housekeeping requirements are met
• Ensure the quality of the work performed meets requirements
• Monitor quantity reporting process on a daily basis.
• Monitor construction equipment utilization and maintenance
• Ensure that site rigging work activities meet safety and site specific requirements
• Monitor the plan for project transportation services with the Indirects team.
• Develop forecast labor unit rates, field distributable rates, and construction equipment costs in his area.
• Resolve craft jurisdictional assignments via Labor Relations as required.
• Monitor work activities and craft timesheet approval process
• Monitor General Foreman/Foreman and Foreman/Worker ratios on the project and their performance
• Monitor tool usage on the site
• Review the project design to identify potential changes which will improve the constructability of the work
• Ensure that project automation tools are being effectively used by craft workers on the project
• Approve craft staffing plans for the work to be performed
• Approve project schedules and work plans for the work to be performed via the Three Week Lookahead and ensure the P6 Level IV schedule is updated and support the overall project schedule.
• Monitor actual work performance against the project budget and schedule
• Approve construction craft work performance and special skills input
• Approve the layout of required temporary construction facilities for the Area
• Establish a working relationship and lines of communication with Project Field Engineer, Field Procurement Supervisor, Contracts Manager, and other key supervisors on the project and in the unit.
• Support and develop as required craft training plan 
• Ensure that required design information is available to the crafts when needed
• Monitor the use of calibrated measuring and test equipment on the project and ensure its checked in per policy.
• Approve Field Material Requisitions for tools and consumables and ensure that the crafts have the tools they require to be productive
• Identify construction critical items that have the potential of impacting the work schedule
• Develop and implement a plan for system and area turnovers that coordinates the activities of all craft disciplines
• Monitor project compliance with the Environmental Control Plan
• Monitor jobsite work rule compliance
• Function on behalf of the Area Manager when the Area Manager is off-site or not available
• Supports Workface Planning efforts.

 Basic Qualifications:
  • A recognized degree in a job related engineering or scientific discipline or specialized courses in construction technology and management and/or prior practical work experience leading to a thorough understanding of the knowledge described below.
  • Knowledge of a single or multi-discipline construction or engineering operation.
  • Knowledge of the Six Sigma program tools and methodologies, and of supervisory functions relating to field activities.
  • Knowledge of the use of subcontracts, and the contractor and subcontractor’s responsibilities contained in subcontract documents.
  • Experience working with, supervising and administering subcontractors and/or Direct Hire union workforce.
  • Computer literate in word processing, spreadsheet and database applications.
  • An understanding of the application and requirements of Project Environmental, Safety & Health. Demonstrated leadership in a team-based environment.

Additional Information:
Please note this is a 2-3 year term assignment. 

Department: PA Chemical Jobsite
This is a non-management position
This is a full time position

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