Pathways complies with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, pregnancy status, victim status, marital status, member of the armed services or covered veteran status, or any other status that is protected by applicable federal, state, and/or local laws.    This policy includes, but is not limited to: recruitment, employment, promotion, demotion, transfer, termination, compensation, benefits, layoffs, training, and social and recreational programs.

Salary -     Associate Level License - $55,000 - $61,875 (LPA, LPCA, CSW, AMFT)
                Independent Level License - $65,000 - $73,125 (LPP, LPCC, LCSW, LMFT)

Education Requirements:  KSTEP Service Coordinator must be either licensed for independent practice or under board approved supervision for the practice of alcohol and drug counseling or mental health counseling.

Duties / Responsibilities: KSTEP Service Coordinator is responsible for receiving referrals from KSTEP Caseworkers and is responsibility for working with individuals with substance use disorders by providing assessment and treatment.  KSTEP Service Coordinator will participate in developing comprehensive service for clients in collaboration with DCBS, UKTAP and Family Mentors, Monitor and assure access to all appropriate treatment services, Coordinate with DCBS, UKTAP, and Family Mentors engagement between clients, Pathways and other treatment providers, Monitor Pathways capacity to respond to client’s needs within KSTEP program guidelines, Participate with all engaged parties in their involvement in the Facilitated Family Team Meeting Process, Communicate with KSTEP Workers and Mentors about client services and progress and/or facilitate communication between service providers and KSTEP Workers., Report to KSTEP Program Leadership Team successes and challenges to initiation of KSTEP Program, Coordinate both programmatic and fiscal data collection in preparing necessary reports to DCBS and is responsible for coordinating, scheduling, and collection of random drug screens. KSTEP Service Coordinator will also be requested to give input into program treatment philosophy.  The KSTEP Service Coordinator is responsible for the timely production of reports for client charts as well as billing documents and time reports in accordance with center policy. This person will be able to demonstrate and consistently practice competency in the skills, knowledge and attitudes as outlined in Addiction Counseling Competencies: The Knowledge, Skills, And Attitudes of Professional Practice (CSAT TAP #21, 2006).

Skills / Knowledge:  This position requires organizational skills, as well as knowledge and skills in coordination of client care.  An understanding and application of The Principles of Effective Treatment (NIDA NIH Publication No. 00-4180) are necessary to function in this role.


This is a full time position

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