Valley Catholic School, sharing in the mission of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, fosters a faith-filled community of lifelong learners and compassionate leaders committed to living out Catholic values and following Jesus' example through prayer, service, and love. Our beautiful campus is located in Beaverton, Oregon and consists of five schools: Valley Catholic Early Learning, Valley Catholic Elementary School, Valley Catholic Middle School, Valley Catholic High School, and Valley Catholic Music School.

The Director of Campus Culture and Community Engagement will lead transformative work across all schools, creating a plan which will further unify school culture and belonging. The position will facilitate program implementation and educational opportunities to further enrich the appreciation and understanding of our community’s composition. This position will collaborate with various departments throughout all Valley Catholic schools including campus ministry, academics, athletics, and student activities to ensure the support, sense of ownership and belonging of all community members.

Role Responsibilities: 
  • Work strategically with the school principals and campus leadership to advance the mission and priorities of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon.
  • In collaboration with the schools’ administration and staff, lead a process of developing a short and long-term vision for supporting culture and engagement practices within our schools that spans from curriculum development to school climate.
  • Enhance and maintain the school’s commitment to belonging, with the goal of fostering a dynamic and diverse community where all members feel included and welcomed.
  • Organize and facilitate the Valley Catholic School Culture and Justice Council.
  • Inform and deliver strategic equity, inclusion, and belonging programs and initiatives across the campus, working collaboratively with constituencies.
  • Work collaboratively with the academic leaders of the schools to ensure the curriculum reflects multiple voices and perspectives.
  • Maintain a high level of expertise in best practices for culture and belonging by cultivating a network of highly knowledgeable advisors among education leaders; keeping up to date on current research, practices, and activities in the field; establishing connections across the industry with people in similar jobs; and providing inputs for development of belonging programs and initiatives.
  • Advise and partner with families to ensure a strong, inclusive community, with a particular focus on the needs and experiences of underrepresented families.
  • Facilitate staff professional development and growth, specifically assisting teachers in building inclusive classrooms for all students.
  • Develop ways of assessing and evaluating school policies and practices and ensuring that these policies and practices align with the school’s missions. Demonstrate comfort with researching and analyzing data to measure the effectiveness of our work.
  • Oversee the planning of content and implementation of staff, student, and parent affinity group meetings.
  • Partner with admissions, marketing/communications, alumni, and Foundation to support their work and outreach to the community.

Education and Experience
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree preferred in a related human services field of study with openness to continued experience and educational training in culture and engagement.
  • Experience in articulating a vision for a more just and sustainable future.
  • Experience developing culture and justice centered programming for varied constituencies, including students, faculty, and families.
  • Proven success in making a school or organization stronger with culture and engagement practice.
  • Previous experience in teaching, programming, and/or curriculum development.
  • Experience in K–12 Catholic education setting.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities 
  • Welcoming and approachable, with an ability to inspire trust with students and adult communities. Capacity to serve as an ethical and transparent role model with an ability to assist others to be their best selves in the community.
  • Ability to inspire and motivate others to create positive change.
  • A relationship builder who will joyfully show up and be seen on campus, attending events/sporting matches, in the classroom, and engaging with students, faculty, and families alike.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in person and in writing, paying attention to detail, confidentiality, and follow through.
  • Positive attitude to expect growth from all individuals in the community and ability to provide the necessary support or guidance to nurture it.
  • A strategic thinker as well as someone who can follow through and execute on plans.

  • Salary Range: For the current academic year, the VCS Dean Salary Schedule ranges from $74,099 - $85,115 per year based on years of experience and level of education.
  • This position is classified as a Regular Full-Time Exempt position; employees in exempt positions are expected to work as many hours as their job responsibilities require, which could include evenings and weekends as needed.
  • Benefits package includes: medical (vision included), dental, and retirement options. 
  • This position will begin work on/about August 1, 2024, to prepare for the school year and is to be completed in accordance with the published school calendar as instructed by the school’s administration.

This is a full time position

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