Budget Integration 
Type: Full-Time
Location: Huntsville, AL

Duties include:
  • Provide planning, monitoring, organizing of the monetary resources. Conduct business case analysis of cost alternatives.
  •  Provide programmatic advice and recommendations for schedule and cost for development of prototype efforts to support the President’s budget, Budget Estimate Submission,Program Objective Memorandum (POM), and other cost and schedule requirement
  • Provide analytical expertise and input to support conferences, meetings, and program reviews (e.g., In Process Reviews (IPRs), Board of Directors (BoD) reviews, Integrated Product Teams (IPTs)).
  • Providing analysis for affordability and planning for unique system modifications and integration support for design reviews (e.g. Critical Design Review (CDR), Preliminary Design Review (PDR)), milestone reviews, program reviews, program strategy evolution and modernization reviews, and system unique reviews.
  •  Prepare and/or provide input and recommendations in the development of program schedules, maintain program schedules, and provide on-site support at all levels of meetings.
  •  Provide input, advice, and recommend expeditious resolution of programmatic problems. 
  • Analyze and provide recommendations on the management of Procurement Army (OPA) funds; as well as customer direct cite and reimbursable funds.
  • Assist in providing support in addressing HQDA’s request for program status and shall evaluate progress to determine status of resources to meet program schedules and objectives.
  • Provide analysis and input in the development of program data for program reviews; analyze and evaluate financial reports, program plans, requirements, and variance reports; and refer actions requiring management attention to the appropriate office.
  • Provide input and recommendations for cost estimating and/or budget activities inclusive of all programs’ life-cycle phases, IAW applicable DoD Directives and Instructions, and/or Army regulations and policies for rapid prototyping efforts.
  • Incorporate contractor cost performance information into cost estimating methodologies consistent with current reports for prime contracts.
Required Skills:
  • BS in Accounting, Finance or Economics, & MBA in relevant field of study
  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • Must be a US citizen
  • Must have Secret/Top Secret Clearance
  • Must be able to pass pre-employment and periodic random drug and alcohol screenings.
  • Familiarity with database structure reporting and extract transform load (ETL).
  • Experience with business report generation.
  • Experience with SQL, query language, and MS Excel.
  • Ability to work with a high degree of confidentiality is a must.

Other Desired Skills:

  • Strong interpersonal skills with demonstrated ability of daily effective interaction with management and employees in Federal Government.
  • Self-starter requiring minimal direction in completing assigned task with ability to excel in a fast paced environment of civilian and military executives.
  • Preferred candidate will have Professional Cost or Budget Certifications.
  • Position requires a competent communicator (verbal and written) with ability to work harmoniously and effectively with co-workers, and all levels of management and customer personnel.
  • Required to be regular in attendance (per agreed to work hours schedule), consistently punctual and be relied upon to successfully complete all assignments.

This is a full time position
Salary Desired:

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